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Hydraulic Maintenance

There are many people who think that the hydraulic maintenance is more an art than a systematic progression of checks and assessments. 

Today we have seen that there are two ways to solve problems in hydraulic machines. 

The first and often the most commonly used is known as "right or wrong. " This method uses the old practice of changing parts or settings readjust Glossary Link valve in the hydraulic system until the problem is resolved. This not only consumes a significant amount of time but is prohibitively expensive for parts, the amount of time spent by staff and especially the time when the machine is stopped. Often addresses a symptom and not the source of the problem. In the best case, we reach a temporary solution. We could say that is an inefficient and that will depend largely on luck. 

The other however, the most efficient option is to start by using the brain and apply all the knowledge acquired previously. 

We can summarize the technique in the following steps: 

1. Get all the information about the problem ( talk to the machine operator). 
2. Examine the information available (schematics, drawings, hydraulic circuits, machine Glossary Link secuence). 
3. Draw conclusions. 
4. Finally, try these findings until the problem is resolved. 

In other words, analyze the cause, examine the symptoms, develop solutions, implement them and review the results. 

As you can realize, most of this process involves mental work. That is, first think and then act. 

All hydraulic circuits follow a logical sequence of operations determined by the type of components within the circuit and how they are interconnected. 

When a circuit is not working properly, there is a logical reason for that malfunction. The diagnosis step by step and circuit test will lead to the problem in the shortest time. 

One final consideration, which has a greater impact on reducing downtime is preventive maintenance. Simply repair or replace components is a great effort just an isolated moment of which will not be any teaching if they are not going to take action to prevent recurrence of that failure. A good preventive maintenance program is an essential part of any service department. but being in the situation of having a machine stopped, following a Glossary Link series of simple steps will lead to a quick and secure solution.

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