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Overpressure in gear pumpsContinuing with our Glossary Link series of the most common failures in gears pumps, this month we bring the second cause called OVERPRESSURE.



This is a very common condition in mobile equipment because it is customary not to place a Glossary Link pressure gauge on the system, which is the element that is used to actually verify the system pressure.


If the hydraulic system does not have this element to measure pressure, there is no means to know for sure what is the Glossary Link maximum pressure at which it is working.


When a Glossary Link pump is working at a pressure higher than it is allowed by the manufacturer, the evidence in this case is seen in the gear housing, as it is shown in the pictures.


Effects due to Overpressure in gear pumps


The reason why this phenomenon occurs is that the gears which are supported on bearings or bushings lie on their housing by the Glossary Link force applied on them by the pressure, resulting in material wear . The depth of it is proportional to the pressure.


Every time that we have the case of having to replace an old pump with a new one, it is necessary to lower the regulation of Glossary Link relief valve to the minimum and reset it again using a Glossary Link pressure gauge. If you fail to perform this operation, damage can occur as it is shown in the picture below, where we see that the teeth of the pump got into the housing with so great forcé that they are pulling wedges. In many cases it may break the drive shaft, housings or any other external element:



Broken gear



The pressure can also break the shaft or the gear teeth as shown in the image also.



Drive shaft broken



But still, the pressure is a condition that can not be attributed to the pump. The consequences are clearly seen in the pump but this type of failure indicates a problem with the system, probably related to the main relief Glossary Link valve.

This failure can happen again if the problema is not corrected . Therefore a comprehensive review is necessary to ensure a long life of the pump that has been replaced.


At the end, there is no hydraulic manufacturer that gives warranty if a failure like this happens to you. In other words, this failure is not covered by any warranty because this is caused by the hydraulic system not by the pump itself or the manufacturer.

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