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The noise in hydraulic systems

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Hydraulic power unitNoise is defined by the dictionary as a disturbancia that is interfering with the operation of a mechanical device or system. To human ears, noise is an undesirable and annoying sound.



The noise in a hydraulic Glossary Link power unit is seen as an ecological and performance problem . The ecological problem has to do with the decibel limit a worker can stand for 8 hours. As a performance problem, noise can be a sign of component failure or improper installation.

Even if the oil is contained in the pipes, valves, pumps etc, you can hear the noise of the oil flowing internally. This noise is in the form of sound waves that are transmitted through the metal housings, into the air and into our ears. Also, you can hear sound waves produced by mechanical parts, such as a Glossary Link pump vanes sliding, etc..



Hydraulic power unit



Most of the noise in the power unit is caused by the pump. Most of the noise produced by a pump is created by rapidly changing Glossary Link fluid Glossary Link pressure level. The bigger and faster your change of pressure and the Glossary Link volume of oil involved, the greater the noise they make.

The rapid compression and Glossary Link decompression violent cause many simultaneous reactions. The shell expands and returns to its natural state. This phenomenon also causes noise, creating a sound wave into the air and then to our ears.


Motor-pump assembly



The pressure Glossary Link control Glossary Link valve may cause noise from hydraulic and mechanical. Hydraulic sounds are the result of the turbulence generated by the high speed of the fluid, by sudden changes in direction and changes in the internal diameter.

Two types of pump problems can increase the noise level in the pump and thus make it a more noisy unit. These are known as Aeration and Glossary Link Cavitation.



Cavitation bubbles in the pump's suction.High vacuum due to a restriction in the pump's suction.



Aeration is caused by air which is introduced into the pipe from the pump suction. When air bubbles entering the compression zone of the pump are subject to increased pressure, causing the bubble to collapse, generating great noise and vibration. The other phenomenon is cavitation, which occurs due to a severe Glossary Link restriction on the suction side of the pump. Cavitation bubbles are fluid vapor bubbles caused by a loss of Glossary Link absolute pressure within the fluid surface in the suction duct of the pump. When these bubbles go into the compression zone of the pump, they are subject to increased pressure. to entry, these bubbles 'implode' generating continuous noise characteristics and above all very intense and can overshadow other noise on the ground.

Hydraulic power unit

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