Hydraulic Fluids

Glosary - Fluids

Written by Camilo H Rueda Sunday, 06 March 2011 21:15

The Glossary Link Fluid is the media that the Hydraulic System uses to transfer the Power.

There are many different Hydraulic Fluids, the most common is the Petroleum oil. there are also, fire resistant fluids, synthetic fluids, bio-degradable fluids, water-oil and water-glicol emulsions and Phosphate ester fluids. Among the most important properties of the hydraulic fluid are: Lubrication, cooling, sealing and contamination removal.



Glosary - Concepts

Written by Camilo H Rueda Sunday, 06 March 2011 21:05

Glossary Link Flow, or Flow rate is the amount of Glossary Link fluid in motion, the Glossary Link volume of the fluid per unit of time. In standard units it is Galons Per Minute (GPM). In ISO units is expressed as Liters Per Minute (LPM).

The Hydraulic Reservoir

Glosary - Accesories

Written by Camilo H Rueda Sunday, 06 March 2011 20:18

The Hydraulic Glossary Link Reservoir is the component that is used mainly to store the Glossary Link fluid that the Hydraulic System is using to operate. The Reservoir helps to dissipate the heat through its walls, it helps to dissipate the air trapped into the fluid before it reaches the Glossary Link Pump, it helps the contaminants to settle at the bottom and usually to support the Hydraulic Components like pump, Glossary Link motor and valves. It is the best place for filters, oil coolers and other accessories.


Flow Control Valve

Glosary - Flow Control Valves

Written by Camilo H Rueda Sunday, 06 March 2011 20:06

The Hydraulic Glossary Link Flow Control Valve is the component of a Hydraulic System that reduces or controls the amount of Glossary Link flow that any hydraulic component is needing, like the Glossary Link Motor or the Glossary Link Cylinder or another Glossary Link valve. Basically it is a valve that closes the opening inside of it using a screw and a Glossary Link spool. There are two different types, regular and Glossary Link Pressure Compensated. If the flow has to be controlled regardless of the pressure fluctuations in the inlet or outlet, the second one is a better option.

Hydraulic Relief Valve

Glosary - Pressure Valves

Written by Camilo H Rueda Sunday, 06 March 2011 19:57

The Hydraulic Glossary Link Pressure Glossary Link Relief Valve is the component of a Hydraulic System that limits the Pressure that the system is using. Due to the fact of the incompressibility of the fluid and the type of pumps used ( Glossary Link Positive Displacement), the relief Glossary Link valve serves as the Protection for overpressure. The relief Valve has two ports, inlet and outlet. When the pressure in the inlet is high enough to open it the Glossary Link flow is sent to the outlet and then back to the Glossary Link reservoir. There are many ways to adjust the pressure, manual, external, electronically and some other more.


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