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RunWise Parker Hybrid SystemIt is the New Glossary Link Hybrid technology applied in  refuse trucks type 8. It is a hybrid technology so advanced that it takes the energy recovery ability of the brake system to deliver great fuel savings,

lower carbon emissions and lower noise.With all this, RunWise manages to reduce the environmental impact.


The hybrid system RunWise Parker replaces the conventional drivetrain of the truck with the Glossary Link series hybrid system that links all the characteristics of a hydrostatic transmission with a mechanical for an efficient operation at high speed.

Parker RunWise combines the
brake energy recovery system that saves more than 79% of the energy that would otherwise be lost, hydraulic components and advanced Glossary Link control software to bring your vehicle efficiently through the collection route.

Though it is a revolutionary system, RunWise is built upon evolutionary and proven Parker Hydraulic Technology and components. RunWise put together hydraulic and mechanical drive elements into a 3 speed transmission that gives the maximum Glossary Link efficiency at all speed ranges. All shifting occurs smoothly and automatically, and all speed modes accommodate brake energy recovery, allowing stored brake energy to be used to power the vehicle in all modes of transportation.

Upon braking, the system RunWise  works with the conventional brake pedal  of the truck using hydraulic Glossary Link fluid under Glossary Link pressure to decelarate it while the braking energy is stored in lightweight hydraulic accumulators for later use when the vehicle is acelerated again. The efficiency of the system becomes higher if the truck makes more stops during the working day.

Hybrid Parker System Power Drive Unit


The Runwise® hybrid drive system is built around the company’s proprietary Power Drive Unit ( Glossary Link PDU), C24 Variable Glossary Link Displacement Bent-Axis Hydraulic Glossary Link Pump/Motors, and Composite Glossary Link Bladder Accumulators – all designed specifically for high power, high start-and-stop applications. An onboard controller coordinates pumps, hydrostatic motors and accumulators to power the vehicle when in hydrostatic mode during start-and-stop operation while collecting refuse. Instead of solely using power from the engine, accumulated energy from the vehicle’s braking system is stored and used to power the truck each time it accelerates. As the truck reaches highway speed, the PDU transfers from hydrostatic drive to mechanical drive to maximize operational efficiency.

Comparison among actual different technologies:

RunWise Technology Comparison


Today, there are three hydraulic hybrid vehicle technologies under development.  Each offers varying levels of fuel savings and vehicle performance.

Glossary Link Parallel hybrids include the engine, transmission, hydraulic pump/ Glossary Link motor, and accumulators.  The conventional drive shaft to the rear axle remains in place and the hydraulic hybrid drive is installed alongside (i.e., “parallel” to) the standard drive train. These “mild hybrid” or “launch assist” systems provide useful but limited benefits in terms of fuel savings, emissions reductions, and enhanced drivability.

Series hybrids include the engine, primary pump, accumulators, and secondary drive/pump motors arranged in a “series” configuration. The system is considered a hydrostatic drive with brake energy recovery and does not require a conventional drive shaft.  The engine may be decoupled from the drive train during stop and go driving, delivering greater fuel savings, reduced emissions and engine-off operation when compared with a Parallel hybrid and are very efficient during stop and go driving. However, highway driving may limit gains due to inefficiencies caused by hydraulic losses at high rotating speeds.

RunWise Parker advanced Series hybrids include the engine, primary pump, secondary pump/motors, accumulators, and Parker’s proprietary Power Drive Unit (PDU). Improving upon Series hybrids, Parker’s RunWise®Advanced Series Drive system features two-speed hydrostatic drive (low speed 0-25 mph and high speed 26-45 mph) for urban driving, combined with mechanical direct drive for efficient operation at highway speeds (46-60+ mph).  All shifting occurs smoothly and automatically, and all speed modes accommodate brake energy recovery, allowing stored brake energy to be used to power the vehicle in all modes of operation, providing unprecedented fuel consumption reductions, emissions reductions, and improved vehicle performance.

For more information about Parker Hybrid Technology click here External link.

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