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HydrapermHydra-Perm-Co Ltd - PERMCO UK, European & Middle Eastern Distributors

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Hydra-Perm-Co Ltd is an international hydraulic equipment supplier based in the United Kingdom. We are the sole official UK, European and Middle Eastern distributors for the Permco range, which consists of Gear Pumps & Motors plus Glossary Link Flow Dividers & More. These products are compatible with many other leading brands of machinery.

The Permco range is used in many industries that require high demanding specifications, such as: construction, offshore, agriculture, mining, forestry & waste reclaimant.

The Glossary Link displacement's of Permco products range from 6cc to 200cc

The Roller Bearing Pumps & Motors have passed NCB tests and are directly interchangeable with Parker/Commercial Intertech products. These can be supplied with a range of egar widths for speeds of 2400 rpm (Max. 2000 rpm for motors) and pressures up to 3000 psi

Hydra-Perm-Co Ltd also supply the Permco Evo Range which comes with a wide range of benefits such as: larger flow, higher Glossary Link pressure, flexible mounting, low noise and more. These will be listed on our new website late September, but can still be enquired about, through our sales team.

Furthermore, Hydra-Perm-Co Ltd supply a range of other Glossary Link hydraulics such as other gear pumps & motors, vane pumps, orbit motors, industrial & mobile valves, components, filtration range & more, from manufacturers: Ponar Wadowice, David Brown, VPS Brevini, Hydac & Parker.

To get in touch or make an enquiry about the Permco range or any other of our products, please contact Hydra-Perm-Co Ltd through any of the links below, stating this Permco blog post in order for competitive prices.

We are also offering Permco distributorship to companies in various territories.

Best Regards,

Lee Broadbent

Hydra-Perm-Co Ltd

w: www.hydra-perm.co.uk External link

e: sales@hydra-perm.co.uk

e: lee.broadbent@hydra-perm.co.uk

T: 0113 236 1367

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kendWelcome To American Hose & Hydraulics

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Insert imageInsert image External link

American Hose & Hydraulics External link provides quality hydraulic and industrial hose services in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. We are specialists and innovators providing quality and reliability in the hydraulic service industry. All of our hose assemblies conform to industry standards as well as the newly adapted NAHAD (the national association for hose and accessories distribution) hose assembly guidelines, NAHAD 400 through NAHAD 800.

Insert imageInsert image

We have a known reputation for speedy service and providing quality hydraulic products. We have a complete inventory of hydraulic hose, fittings, valves, cylinders, motors and pumps that are always available to serve the industrial companies in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. When you need anything hydraulic related, please give us a Call Now at (973) 684-3225 and one of our sales representative will provide you with all the information and a solution to getting your hydraulic equipment working immediately! We offer Free Pickup and Delivery of the hydraulic components that we service. Our Hydraulic shops are open Monday to Saturday all year long! Check out Our Pump Specials!! External link


American Hose & Hydraulics Pump Shop External link

Insert imageOur hydraulic Glossary Link pump repair shop is one of the most advanced hydraulic facilities in the east coast. We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our new 5,000 square foot building dedicated solely for pump and Glossary Link motor repair. This pump repair area houses 6 repair stations, complete with everything to troubleshoot and repair the hydraulic pump. As an integral part of the repair shop is our state of the art test stand, which was designed and manufactured for American Hose and Glossary Link Hydraulics. Every pump, motor, and Glossary Link valve is bench tested to insure proper PSI and Glossary Link flow are up to specs. We provide free pickup and delivery on all hydraulic pumps hydraulic pump parts and offer a full year warrantee on our hydraulic pump valve services.


We stock Permco Pumps and motors, Easton Pumps and motors, Parker, Vickers, and valves of all manufactures. Our hydraulic technicians carefully recheck the tolerances are exact and precise and the hydraulic pump or valve is prepared for reassembly. All contact surfaces are reconditioned and replaced and new Glossary Link seals, bearings and replacement parts are installed by our highly trained hydraulic technicians.


Call us: (973) 684 3225 NOW!!

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visitantesWelcome to the Section of the Visitors of HIDRAULICA PRACTICA

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In this place you can leave me a message, or a commentary or a question or whatever you want to say about Hydraulics.

It can be as long or short as you want. The only thing that interests me is to know what country and what is your interest in particular related to Glossary Link hydraulics. It's simple and fast.

You can comment on issues that are posted here, or you can write about an idea or a problem with a machine, or if you want to contact  someone in your country that is related to your Glossary Link line of work..



All information on hydraulics is at the distance of a question.

To be able to write or comment, first you need to login or create an account. Then, click on "write to Visitantes" and start writing.

In one day you will see the answer posted here.

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